Where can I get more information about the Caritas Award?

In addition to this blog, the SCES website continues to be a vehicle for information, news and resources on the CARITAS AWARD.

Schools and parishes are encouraged to forward news of local developments, photographs etc., to SCES and these will be added to the website.  Further posts will also be added to this blog to answer questions.  You can also add comments to any posts listed here.

Throughout the year SCES will send updates via e-mail to the Caritas co-ordinator.  It is therefore important to let SCES know should any contact details change.

Please do not hesitate to contact SCES for clarification on any aspect of the scheme as we are happy to answer any individual queries as they arise.  It is likely that the question which you wish to ask is already troubling other colleagues, so all enquiries will be welcomed.